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What We Do


Entelect assists the world’s best companies in the delivery of customised software solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace. Our solutions enable our clients to meet the rapidly changing demands of their businesses and stay competitive. With a team of over 400 software engineers, we have for the last 15 years been delivering and solving the most demanding software problems, across all industry sectors.

Why Entelect


Our real differentiator is the qualification of our people, intellectual property and professional approach to solving complex software problems. Our ideology is focused around the delivery of true value to our clients, employees and the greater South African community. We are South Africa’s top software engineering company and the quality of our staff, our track record of delivery and blue-chip client base speaks for itself.

Latest News
Anyone can code, but there are no short cuts to true success.
February 28, 2017
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Daniel Manyemwe (Entelect, General Manager)

The growth of the technology industry and access to the internet has put software skills development within the reach of many, turning software developers into the rock stars of today. But there are no short cuts. Success as a software engineer takes years of hard work. ...

Loyalty: A morphing concept in the age of a fluid workforce
February 15, 2017
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Yatish Parshotam (Entelect, Chief People Officer)

In today's work environment, the concept of loyalty is changing. So how should we redefine our concept of loyalty and what are the benefits of this thinking? ...

Get Your Kids Excited About Coding!
February 14, 2017
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Shashi Hansjee (Entelect CEO)

Technology is going to become more integral to the future of our economy, so how can one spark a child’s interest in coding? ...

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Professional Teams



We host more cum laude degreed computer scientists, software engineers and analysts than any of our competitors, and offer unsurpassed internal training, mentorship and support programmes for our employees. As a result, we guarantee that our clients only engage with the finest engineers and ensure that key expertise and intellectual property is retained on projects, allowing for the smooth operations of mission critical systems.

High Value Offering



Over the years, Entelect has refined the art of engaging with clients and delivering software solutions that ensures the rapid delivery of the most sophisticated systems. We focus on all industry sectors, are experts in all mainstream software paradigms, and have a war chest of consulting expertise and solutions that ensures our clients get the systems they require on specification, on time and within budget.

Mature Engagements



When we engage with clients, we tailor our approach according to the problem at hand and environmental constraints. Whether project requirements are resourced based, fixed price, milestone based, onsite, offsite, usage / licence fee based or require ownership of IP, we are flexible in our approach. In all instances, we ensure that best practices are followed, that technology paradigms are appropriate and our work is quality assured.

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