Software Development Manager

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Salary: Market Related
Position Overview

Become more at Entelect, one of SA’s leading software engineering and solutions companies, voted the Best Company to Work For.


When you join Entelect, you’re not just joining a leading software development company, you become part of something bigger. You become part of a team of ambitious, confident, motivated and smart people, who will inspire you to go further, to do more than you thought possible.
You become part of a company that sees potential: potential in our clients, potential in our products and potential in you. Because we believe that if we give you everything you need to be successful, you will be. That you will become more and do great things.


Entelect Development/Delivery Managers


Our DM's manage multiple teams, customers and drive delivery of solutions across multiple projects as well as contributing at the highest level to Entelect’s broader strategic initiatives and direction.


The right person for this role is someone who shows an active interest and aptitude in personal coaching, mentorship and support of individuals in complex delivery environments. Driving culture, values and inspiring teams to be the best they can be is a crucial dimension to this role as you will be the custodian of these critically important aspects of our company. Aside from this, you will be hands-on which means you’ll be involved in all relevant delivery streams acting as a delivery champion, managing expectations, removing obstacles, negotiating terms and contracts and generally being the responsible party for engagements with our corporate customers. 


This is a senior management level role and you will be reporting to the COO.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Forming and norming software delivery teams including taking responsibility for the onboarding, offboarding and rotations
  • Closely coaching our software teams on practice, communication and culture and identifying opportunities for personal growth for team members
  • Coaching and mentoring staff including one-to-ones, performance reviews and personal career mapping
  • Team-building, cohesion and identity management
  • Contribute to the ideation and execution of Entelect’s delivery strategy and initiatives
  • Client account management – build relationships and present a professional, engaged front for Entelect, as well as managing commercials, financials and administration.
  • Status tracking of project tasks, milestones, deliverables or key dates
  • Risk and expectation management – resourcing, deliverables, requirements and at times budgets
  • Taking high level responsibility (planning and leading) for software project delivery management across multiple clients, projects and initiatives in parallel
  • These projects are not SAP v4 to v5 upgrades, they are custom builds with a fair bit of tact and problem solving required. They are also not 3 years, typically projects will be 6 to 18 months.
  • High degree of client communication – will often be point contact to a client for a project
  • Composition, delivery and tracking of client status reports
  • Requires working closely with 5 or more teams operationally
  • Facilitating client feedback at all touch points (demos, meetings, calls, etc), and management thereof
  • Perform business analysis / problem solving on the fly, and ability to context switch rapidly


How you’ll do this


  • Utilising your wealth of experience across various projects that have succeeded, failed and everything in between.
  • Leaning on your deep understanding of technology frameworks; when they should be used, which are beneficial and what their pitfalls are.
  • Making use of your ability to gain buy-in and negotiate with others. 
  • Mentoring and guiding the people around you towards successful delivery and technical excellence.
  • By understanding how the business and the technology can combine to add true value to your customer.
  • By pushing the limits, asking questions and challenging preconceived notions of what’s possible. Because, at Entelect, we believe everything is possible.
  • By being agile and planning properly, but being open and able to accommodate change when necessary. So you prioritise, you adjust and you get things done.
  • By having access to everything you need to become the best at what you do: the facilities, resources and autonomy you need to become more.


What we’ve worked on lately


At Entelect, we’re working on more than 80 projects at any given time. Here are some to whet your appetite:


  • Building loyalty platforms designed to drive consumer behaviour and help improve the health and wellness of South Africans.
  • Designing and developing high-performance web applications that enable multinational organisations to track risks, including fraud and white collar crime, across the globe, in real time.
  • Developing software for a surgical skill simulation portal that measures surgical skill proficiency; enabling trainee surgeons to practice, track and measure their skills remotely.  
  • Imagining, designing and implementing an Android app for an agricultural company to help agronomists and sales agents share valuable data in real time; optimising smart agriculture solutions in an industry that is highly susceptible to minor fluctuations in conditions.
  • Helping one of South Africa’s largest vehicle fleet management companies accurately price project costs for hundreds of specialised vehicles, down to the cents per kilometre, to provide more competitive products to consumers.
  • Developing reliable processes, visual dashboards and tracking tools to monitor the delivery of schoolbooks across South Africa.
  • Learning and implementing complex tax and duty tracking tools that enable the world’s largest commodity traders to operate in multiple markets.


What we need from you


  • A bachelor’s degree in IT or Sciences (BSc, BIS, BEng or BCom) is non-negotiable
  • Breadth and depth of technical knowledge in your given craft.
  • Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences, enabling you to influence change within an enterprise environment.
  • Minimum 6 years’ experience in the IT industry as Analyst/PM/Software developer in client-facing roles
  • Leadership qualities required


What you’ll get from us


  • Exposure to the best technologies and cool projects.
  • Quarterly performance reviews to assist you in achieving your career goals, bi-annual performance-based salary increases, as well as an annual company performance-based bonus.
  • Exposure to Entelect’s in-house continuous development programmes, offering training on everything from leadership to deep technical skills, to empower you to become more.
  • Participation in our rewards programme, where you’ll receive rewards for doing cool things, like attending training events, social functions or for doing a good job.
  • Competitive package, including a variety of commission incentives and bonus structures.
  • Please note the following: Due to the sensitivity of the data and systems we work with, we will require candidates to undergo a Credit and Criminal check should you proceed to the offer stage.



Skills Required
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