What we enjoy most about working at Entelect


Do you want to work for a company that believes in its staff and offers real career growth opportunities? A company that believes in providing quality training, recognises your personal strengths and contributions, and gives back to the community?

If yes to any one of the above questions, then Entelect is the right place for you to boost your career to the next level. Our philosophy of “employ the best and everything else will fall into place” has and will continue to be instrumental to our success. Here are some of the benefits of working with Entelect:

You get to...

  • Work with the best minds in the software industry and gain experience in a multitude of technologies, methodologies and industries. All our software engineers have university degrees, are team players, passionate and excellent problem solvers.
  • Access 14 internally hosted training programmes, ranging from leadership development to deep technical skills refinement based on the latest technologies and methodologies.
  • Participate in our innovation programme that gives anyone ability to innovate new products and learn a new language or framework by actually getting their hands dirty and coding, and applying their minds to solve creative problems.
  • Participate in a number of social activities that we sponsor, ranging from sports like soccer, tennis, running and golf, to chess tournaments, open bar access, and a broad range of team building activities and games of your choice.
  • Participate in regular internal coding competitions with prizes such as an XBOX 360 Gaming consoles.
  • Participate in our internal "1Up" rewards programme, where attending training events, social functions or just doing a great job qualifies you for cool awards, be it movies, massages, meals out or extra leave.
  • Speak to top management in quarterly performance appraisals, which allows you to discuss anything from personal training requirements to career moves. Entelect offers six-monthly salary increases plus a performance bonus in December and a variety of additional commission incentives.
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From a career development perspective, we offer quarterly performance reviews with management, which is designed to:

  • Keep you informed of your progress
  • Assist you in achieving your personal and career goals
  • Suggest and allocate additional training as required
  • Provide an open and relaxed platform for honest feedback on both sides.

From a training perspective, we offer a broad range of programmes, some of which include:

  • Leadership programmes, designed to build Entelect’s next generation of leaders
  • A series of graduate Bootcamps which are targeted at getting our best-of-breed graduates some real hands-on experience in different areas of the software engineering landscape. Focus areas include:
    • Business analysis
    • Programming concepts
    • .NET technology frameworks
    • Java/ JEE training
    • SQL & BI bootcamp
  • A variety of deep technical forums and courses, such as:
    • Java forum, covering material for the OCPJP Exams
    • .Net forum, covering material for the Microsoft Certification Exams
    •  Spring forum, covering material related to the Spring framework from Spring Core to more advanced topics such as Spring integration
    • Agile development forum
    • Solutions architecture and design forum
    • Java EE forum enabling you to better understand and utilize the Java EE platform
    • Javascript forum in next generation angular, node, backbone and knockout frameworks
    • BI/SQL forum which covers the basics of SQL to the more advanced BI topics
    • Business analysis forum
    • Mini "DevDay" conferences on specialist and fun topics run quarterly by our staff
    • Weekly tech reviews, hosted by our development teams on new technology and insights.





Entelect's “1Up” rewards programme goes beyond standard performance indicators. We realise that true contributions to a company not only come from a management perspective, but also about other activities you get involved in and how you engage with staff, clients and greater community. Here’s some examples of areas that you get recognition and rewards for in the process:'

  • Helping fellow colleagues with their personal and professional needs through our home-grown uAssist social media platform
  • Usergroup attendance, such as Microsoft Azure, Ruby and Node user groups
  • Presenting at Usergroups, whether internally or externally hosted
  • Referring a potential staff member to our recruitment team
  • Attending our quarterly DevDays
  • Attending company sporting activities
  • Attending social functions
  • Getting recommendations from management or clients
  • Presenting at internal or external training forums
  • Attending internal training courses
  • Going above and beyond normal expectations
  • Living our values through our peer to peer Kudos system
  • Spending personal time on extra-curricular activities, be it foundation initiatives or helping improve Entelect's offerings.



Kevin Downs

Software Engineer
Joined Entelect, January 2016
IT (Hons), University Johannesburg

What appealed to you most about Entelect?

I was looking for somewhere where I could learn and be stretched. I realised Entelect would give me the exciting opportunities I was looking for, so it felt like a good fit. But importantly, I didn’t study for four years to not enjoy my work. I wanted to love what I do. One of my biggest fears was going into a stifling corporate environment. I realized Entelect was absolutely not a corporate environment. The culture was all about the people.

Have your hopes and expectations have been realised since joining Entelect?

Absolutely. It has turned out to be everything I thought it would be; in terms of culture, growth opportunities, and also the people. But I’ve had some surprises along the way too! For instance, I certainly didn’t expect the challenge we were set in the bootcamp to be as hard as it was! The amount of knowledge that you have to cram in during the three-month graduate programme is incredible. The bootcamp is such a great initiative, but it really shows you how little you know when you leave varsity and how much more there is to learn.

What advice would you give to someone looking for their first job?

Look for a place where you are going to grow and make sure it is somewhere where you will fit. The culture has to be right because work is more than just a place you go every day. You have to fit, and you have to feel like you belong because that way, you will feel that you are actually contributing something.

At the end of the day…

You have to get involved with the culture. Culture should be the main driver for your decision because the right culture will enable the best opportunities.

Karabo Moroe

Software Engineer
Joined Entelect, January 2016
Bsc Computer Science and Informatics, University of Johannesburg

What appealed to you most about Entelect?

The culture. It did not seem like your ‘run of the mill’ software company. There seemed to be close and genuine relationships between people of all positions.

Did you have a plan for your future?

Yes, I was adamant on getting my foot into the IT industry and I’d knew that Entelect was one of the best software companies for an imminent graduate like myself.

Have your hopes and expectations been realized since joining the company?

Yes, Entelect has surpassed what I expected from a software company. I appreciate how they invest so much in us as employees, particularly via their different training facilities, and the opportunity we have to work alongside other people with expertise across such a vast amount of technologies and techniques.

What advice would you give to a current grad going through the process of looking for their first job?

Mainly to prioritize their growth overall. The IT industry is more prominent than ever before, and there has never been opportunity like there is now, which means it is easy to take the highest paying option. But I believe that taking the time to learn about the company you are planning to work for, and understanding where that will take you in 2-3 years is integral to creating a successful future for yourself.

Candice Swarts

Software Engineer
Joined Entelect, January 2015
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, University of the Witwatersrand

How did you first find out about Entelect?

During my last semester of studying as an undergraduate, I had approached a fork in the road. I could either continue studying Applied Mathematics or start working in the Computer Science field. I decided to move towards the computer science field, because being able to create programs where the only limitation is your own creativity is a very seductive notion.

What appealed to you most about Entelect?

Entelect has a culture akin to Google’s culture – who wouldn’t want to be in that type of environment?

Did you have a plan for your future?

Yes, but it certainly has taken a different route! The big plan was to do Honors in Applied Mathematics and a ‘Quantitative Analyst’. I soon realized that I didn’t enjoy the path I had mapped out for myself so I opted to start working at Entelect instead where I would get more varied experience and opportunities.

What do you think will make you successful?

I believe that taking time to dedicate to self-improvement, listening to the advice that is given, and applying it, can make you successful in your field.

What advice would you give to a current grad going through the process of looking for their first job?

A large portion of your day will be spent at work - it is important to find a job that you enjoy and where you will be able to see yourself grow. Ask questions to understand how much growth opportunity there is at a company and then consider if that is the kind of learning environment that you will thrive in. Your future may not always clear, but if you have access to learning, you can create your own future.

Rameez Khan

Software Engineer
Joined Entelect, January 2016
BSc. Electrical and Information Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand

What appealed to you most about Entelect?

What struck me about Entelect was that it was not a conventional software company. Not only because of the diverse range of clients and the culture, but also the caliber of people that work there, many of whom were the same people who used to tutor us at Wits.

Describe your role at Entelect

My formal title is Software Engineer. When first joining Entelect as a graduate, you’re put into the Graduate Bootcamp. Albeit very challenging, it’s very rewarding. The skills you acquire serve as a solid foundation to kick start your career. After that you’ll be placed on a team. In the beginning you’ll be strongly guided by your team lead and senior staff, but if you show that you are willing to take on more responsibility it will be given to you. I don’t think I’ve had that strong sense of purpose elsewhere.

When you graduated, did you have a plan for your future?

I studied Electrical and Information Engineering at Wits. After I graduated, I decided to go into Electrical Engineering. However, the work quickly became mundane to me so I contacted Entelect. Software is my passion and I knew I would get the breadth of challenges I was looking for.

Have your hopes and expectations been realized since joining the company?

Aside of the varied work experiences I have had, something that really stood out for me was that no matter how quickly the company grows, the management structure is still flat. If you want to chat to someone in management, you can just knock on the door. As well as that, the mentorship culture here is also really strong, you can just tap a guy on the shoulder and ask a question. Everyone is always willing to help, which is something I was looking to be a part of.

What advice would you give to a current grad going through the process of looking for their first job?

The biggest mistake people make coming out of varsity is to think you need to chase the money straight away. If you do what you are passionate about, the money will follow. So, don’t try to chase money, or be successful too quickly. The future you create for yourself must be based on your passions and goals. Try to get experience through vacation work and internships as that’s the best way to get a feel for various companies and what you want to do.


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Entelect Challenge

One of the many amazing initiatives run by Entelect is the Entelect Challenge. For a number of years now, the Entelect Challenge has been South Africa’s premier coding competition. The idea was started by our staff who wanted to drive community engagement through a little competition. Little did we know that this challenge would become so huge. Years later, it is a national event with a total prize value over R200k, and still going strong.


The objective of the Entelect Challenge is for entrants to compete against each other by writing an AI program that can creatively and strategically outsmart and out-survive their opponents.


Back at the ranch, a team of Entelect employees run the whole show; developing the creative idea, launching it to the public, developing the player portal and forums, running the play-offs and hosting the final event at rAge. We’re always looking for new contributions and new ideas, so get involved!



We host our own conference called DevDay which is organised, presented and attended by our people. DevDay is a fun day out of the office where the technologist, inventor, hobbyist, engineer or artist in you can come to the fore. The event is part showcase, part science show, part geek club, part makers club; offering a range of lightning talks on cutting-edge technologies as well as a variety of interactive exhibition stands where people can discover the latest creative innovations in technology.

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