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Entelect, with head office in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, is South Africa's leading software engineering and solutions company. The company was founded in 2001 by Dr Charles Pritchard and is now the home of a significant grouping of the most highly qualified software engineering professionals in South Africa, with a stable and loyal client base. A simple business philosophy of "hiring the best", coupled with pragmatic management, re-investment and an unwavering focus on quality allows Entelect to continue growing at a rapid rate without the need for external capital injection.



Our long term vision is to be the world's best software engineering and solutions company, measured by the value we deliver to our clients, our employees and the greater community.



Our mission is to deliver high quality software engineered solutions to the world's leading companies by maintaining the highest employment standards, activating our collective potential and living our values.



Our business values are centered on honesty, integrity and excellence. We embrace these through the continual facilitation of a nurturing, positive, light-hearted and collegial working environment.

Executive Management


Charles Pritchard

Non-Executive Chairman

Charles holds a BSc (Elec Eng) and a PhD (Control) from the Engineering faculty of the University of the Witwatersrand. In 1992 he received an award for the best light current engineering graduate, and in 1995 graduated as the youngest PhD Elec Eng graduate in the history of the university, aged 24. Charles spent a couple of years working off a bursary as an embedded systems engineer, followed by 9 years as a senior lecturer at Wits. Realising the massive shortage of quality software engineers in the marketplace, while lecturing, he founded Entelect in 2001. Implementing his philosophy of “employ the best and everything else will fall into place” has been instrumental in Entelect’s subsequent success. Charles resigned as CEO in Dec 2014 to focus more on helping people get closer to God and helping the poor. He remains as Non-Executive Chairman of Entelect.

Shashi Hansjee

Chief Executive Officer

In 2003 Shashi graduated with BSc (Elec Eng) and a year later a MEng (Info Eng) cum laude at the University of the Witwatersrand. He started working as an analyst developer and soon after joined Entelect in 2005. He led the development of a number of systems for clients in the corporate banking, derivatives trading, customer relations and entertainment industries. Shashi's ability to understand his clients' business needs and impressive delivery record saw him appointed as technical director three years later. In 2010 he was promoted to the role of Managing Director, where he took ownership of day to day operations, staff management and transforming Entelect into the company it is today. Following five successful years as MD, Shashi was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2014.

Tim Kroon

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Timothy Kroon, also known as Tim, has been the Chief Operating Officer of Entelect since 2016. He is responsible for leading Entelect’s business operations globally, executing business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide. Tim has been with Entelect for 12 years. He served as a General Manager from 2012 with a focus on expanding and maturing Entelect’s corporate engagements and capabilities. This included resource acquisition, planning, organizational design, team management and the implementation of customer service initiatives, across Entelect's corporate client-base. Earlier in his career, he worked as a Software Engineer and lead various projects and built teams to deliver Entelect’s services in the banking, insurance, health and military sectors. Mr Kroon holds a BSc degree in Information Technology from the University of Cape Town.

Meet the Entelect Management Team  

Matthew Butler

General Manager: Managed Solutions

Matthew Butler completed his BSc IT (Hons) degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2008, where he graduated cum laude. He joined Entelect in 2009 and in 2013, was promoted to the general management team. Matthew is charged with leading and guiding sales, as well as account management, architecture, delivery, employee performance, and profitability across Entelect’s Managed Solutions Division.

Mark Beets

General Manager: Business Development

Mark completed his BSc Computer Science (Hons) degree at the University of Johannesburg, graduating cum laude in 2002. In 2008, he joined Entelect as a Team Lead/Senior Developer. In 2012, Mark was appointed to General Manager of Business Development and is tasked with establishing a sales pipeline, growing the marketing and PR functions, while also managing the relative back-office commercial and operational processes.

Sheldon Lyne

General Manager: Operations

In 2006, Sheldon graduated with a BSc (Electrical Engineering) from the University of the Witwatersrand and started working at Entelect as a Graduate Developer. Sheldon joined Entelect’s management team in 2010. At this time, he started driving the day-to-day operational concerns of Entelect Software. Since 2015, Sheldon has also included Entelect’s technology direction in his portfolio.

Daniel Manyemwe

General Manager

Daniel graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2007 with a BSc IT on the dean’s merit list. He joined Entelect in 2010 as a Senior Software Engineer and was promoted to the general management team in 2016. His focus is on building out relationships and growing Entelect teams across multiple corporate clients.

Orlanda Ventura-Andersch

General Manager: Finance

Having completed her articles with KPMG, Orlanda qualified as a CA (SA) in 1994. Her further qualifications include a Diploma in Advanced Banking (UJ) and an AMP (IESE, Barcelona). In 2012, she joined Entelect as the General Manager of the Finance Division, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Apart from ensuring the Finance Division keeps abreast of best practice as Entelect expands, she ensures that Entelect has remained compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements across all its offerings.

Ryan Naudé

General Manager: Data Solutions

Ryan Naudé has been designing, developing and implementing database and Business Intelligence solutions for more than a decade. In 2007, Ryan joined Entelect as a Data Solutions Developer and in 2014, he was promoted to head up Entelect’s Data Solutions Division.

Doug Crawford

General Manager: Service Delivery

Doug holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Information Systems from Rhodes University. He joined Entelect in 2012 as a Team Lead at Discovery Vitality. In 2014, he joined Entelect’s management team as Manager of Service Delivery. In this role, he is integral to the successful steering of the business’s services, ensuring client and employee satisfaction for each project that Entelect undertakes.


Tomislav Ravic

General Manager: Human Capital

Tomislav Ravic graduated from the University of South Africa with a BSc in Computer Science (cum laude) in 2007. Joining Entelect in 2014 as a Senior Software Engineer, he was promoted to General Management in 2017. A software engineer at heart with a passion for people, Tomislav looks after Entelect’s organisational culture, leadership and people related matters.

Yatish Parshotam

General Manager: New Zealand Branch / Chief People Officer

Yatish graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a BSc (Electrical Engineering) in 2005. He then joined Entelect, where he was exposed to numerous projects across various domains, initially as a Software Engineer and later as a Team Lead. In 2010, Yatish was promoted to the general management team, where his core focus was around human capital. In 2016, Yatish was appointed Chief People Officer to look after all matters that relate to our people including talent management, induction, recruiting and other HR-related matters on a strategic level.

Charmaine Kourie

General Manager: Recruitment

Charmaine joined Entelect in February 2007 as a Recruitment Consultant and was later promoted to General Manager of Entelect Placements. In 2012, Entelect restructured its placement division to service its own hiring requirements and Charmaine moved over to Entelect Software as the General Manager for Recruitment. Charmaine is responsible for the operations of the Recruitment Division.

Our History


2001: Company Founded

Entelect was founded in 2001 by Dr Charles Pritchard while lecturing at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand. Charles realised that there was a severe lack of deep technical skills in the marketplace and started focusing efforts on the delivery of quality university software graduates to the financial services and other industries. It didn't take long for South African companies to start viewing Entelect as a source of high-quality, cost-effective software engineers. 

2003: Ownership of Projects

Instead of only offering contractors to the marketplace, in 2003 Charles started employing full-time software engineers and taking ownership of delivery on custom development projects. This change of focus was the cornerstone of Entelect's success and played a big role in increasing group revenues by a factor of ten in the 2004 to 2009 period. Risks were higher by taking on a full-time staff overhead and profits were held in the business to fund growth, with the upside of higher staff retention and bigger projects that Entelect started taking the lead in.

2008: Investment in Products

The experience gained in building custom enterprise systems laid a solid foundation for Entelect's research and development initiatives which were formally initiated in 2008. Research efforts were broken into the development of technology to better support custom development efforts and the delivery of cloud based software products. Today Entelect hosts a strong research and development programme, where a number of product ideas have emanated from staff through its internal leadership training and innovations programmes.


2009: Investment in Training

As Entelect grew into a mid-sized company, the need to formalise internal training initiatives arose, with the objective of assisting with career development of employees, as well as the spin-off benefits to Entelect’s clients. Currently employees have a wide choice of internal training programmes that they can attend. These range from graduate “bootcamps” to specialist technical forums, leaderships programmes, “DevDay” conferences and interest groups. The spin-off benefits have being significant, allowing for up- and cross-skilling of teams and extending some of these programmes to clients and the greater community.

2012: Business Streamlining

Until 2012, Entelect was operating under four divisions, namely “Software | Online | Training | Placements”. This resulted in some brand confusion in the market, and could allow potential conflicts of interest as the company grew. A strategic decision was made to associate the Entelect brand purely with “Software Engineering | Software Solutions” and shut down other branded initiatives. This sharpening of focus, in particular shutting down the recruitment operation, resulted in a 45% growth after the first year of implementation, and has really geared the company for significant growth ahead.

2013: Broad Based Investment

Entelect has always supported social causes. This initiative was formalised with the 2013 launch of the “Entelect Foundation” which focuses on supporting underprivileged youth through education. Significant social disparities still exist in South Africa today and relying on government alone to take the lead is insufficient. Going forward, Entelect will be playing a more active role in transforming South Africa by going beyond traditional corporate social investment. Entelect is committed to ensuring that underprivileged children are given the education they deserve, and aims to set an example in this respect.


2016: Deloitte Platinum Award

In 2016, Entelect was awarded in the Deloitte Best Company Survey for the third consecutive year. Following three gold awards in 2014 and a Gold Achiever Award in 2015, Entelect were awarded two Platinum Seals in the 2016 Deloitte Best Company Survey: Best Company and Employee Engagement. The Best Company Index award measures a company’s attractiveness among its employees. It is an expression of employee’s alignment with the organization and internal brand, and is a unique opportunity to engage in an objective and transparent manner with our employees. Over the years, the company has been built by its employees and these results are testament to their work.

Best Company to Work for 2015

Best Company to Work for 2014


2017: Entelect grows to over 400

Sixteen years after opening our doors, Entelect reached another milestone on the path of sustainable growth. In January of 2017, the company hired 40 graduates in to its Graduate Bootcamp, the largest intake to-date, bringing the company to more than 400 employees. Supported by our solid client and partner base including relationships spanning more than eight years, Entelect has weathered economic uncertainty and grown into a firmly established player in the software engineering market. Throughout our growth Entelect has maintained its values and culture, both of which continue to drive the high quality of work that Entelect has become known for.

2018: Expanding to New Zealand

Entelect grew internationally in 2017, kicking off operations in Wellington, and growing the New Zealand staff complement to over 10 in 2018. Setting up the branch in New Zealand not only opened up a new market for Entelect to grow into, but also created an opportunity for our people to live and work abroad. New Zealand has repeatedly been voted as one of the best countries to live in, especially due to the value Kiwis place on family life. Our value of ‘Growth isn't optional‘ has always been applied to everything that we do – whether growing our people through diverse and challenging projects, through our bi-annual reviews or our extensive internal training opportunities – and now the possibility of working abroad and experiencing new cultures.


2019: Growing our global footprint in Europe

In early 2019, Netherlands-based Fixx iT became a part of the Entelect family through an acquisition. This created yet another opportunity for Entelectuals to experience a different country and culture. Having now expanded our global footprint in South Africa (Johannesburg, Centurion and Cape Town), Netherlands and New Zealand, Entelect has grown into a multi-national end-to-end technology services and solutions provider. This is another step forward on the path to offering our people the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge global software teams, working in cities and countries wherever they might find themselves. Entelect is more confident than ever that the ability of South African software professionals not only stands up to but sets the highest global benchmark.

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