Entelect announces 60% growth at year-end bash
December 6, 2012  

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Entelect’s annual year-end party took place at Riverstone Lodge on Friday 23 November in Muldersdrift. A variety of team-based “Entelect Survivor Games” activities took place in the afternoon, followed by drinks and prize-giving on the terrace and a superb dinner buffet of South African foods. Dancing and festivities progressed at full vigour with the last bus departing in the early hours of the morning!

In his year-end speech CEO Charles Pritchard pointed out that the main strategic theme this year was to focus efforts internally, nurture talent and make Entelect a better place to work. In summary, the following achievements were noted:

Revenues where up by 45% in 2012: With over 100 successful projects delivered, most of Entelect’s new business was as a result of referrals and demands of existing clients. Biggest growth clients were Discovery, Momentum, Liberty and Paarlmedia; while Nashua Mobile, Deloitte and FNB joined as three new anchor clients.

Staff count grew by 60%: We can still say with certainty that we are still by far the most educated software company in SA, enjoying more university degrees and cum laudes per head than any of our competitors.

600% more spend on career development of staff: We ran 14 independent staff training programmes, which includes multiple leadership programmes, forums, code retreats and DevDays.

The Entelect Foundation committed to seeing 42 disadvantaged children through school: These children were put forward by our extended communities and we are looking forward to providing financial and mentorship support to these children and their parents in the upcoming year!

1Up, our own in-house staff rewards programme was launched in the middle of the year with great success.

The Entelect R100k “think you can code” Challenge went off successfully, gaining significant media exposure and goodwill in the developer community.

Entelect has ambitious plans for 2013, in particular solidifying its position as South Africa’s best software engineering and solutions company, both from a client and staff satisfaction perspective. Expect a number of exciting new announcements in 2013.

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