Four conferences, three cities, two weeks!
October 30, 2017  

Supplied by Gail Shaw from entelect2013
Gail Shaw (Entelect, Technical Lead)

It’s conference season again, and this time there are multiple events in a two-week period. Firstly, there’s a conference that I never expected to be speaking at. IT/Dev Connections, a technologies conference run by Penton. The conference is being held in San Francisco.

IT/Dev Connections is a deep-dive technical conference offering 5 different tracks and over 250 sessions. The five tracks are Cloud & Data Center, Data Platform & Business Intelligence, Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Management, Mobility, & Security and Development & DevOps.


I initially submitted sessions to the conference with no expectation of being selected. They were looking for just 8 data platform speakers.


As such, I was rather surprised to receive acceptance letters.


The two sessions that I’m presenting are “Lies, damned lies and statistics”, and “What the Query Store Shows”.


The first discusses SQL Server’s statistics, what they are, why they exist and why they are essential to good query performance. The session will also cover necessary maintenance and the effects of inaccurate or outdated statistics.


The second session covers SQL Server 2016’s Query Store, showing how the Query Store can be used to identify query performance regressions, identify the highest resource-consuming queries in a database, identify per-query wait statistics and to even fix poorly performing queries.


And then, after all of that, it’s up to Portland for conference 2 of the trip.



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