Giving Back

The Entelect Foundation focuses on assisting underprivileged and disabled individuals from an education, employment and basic needs perspective. We are dedicated to empowering people and communities by taking ownership of our charitable initiatives, which involves offering not only financial support but, more importantly, hands-on human support and love to our beneficiaries. We choose projects that are close to our hearts and are grateful for the opportunity of being in a position to help fellow South Africans in need. As a company we invest approximately 10% of our net profits before tax per annum on our foundation initiatives and do not look for financial return, but rather measure ourselves on the long term social impact of our projects.


Entelect's school programme focuses on financially supporting underprivileged children through grades 0 to 12, as well as assisting them from a mentorship perspective. Beneficiaries are selected by Entelect employees, and are typically children they have come into contact with who are battling financially and could do with some assistance. 

Entelect's commitment is to pay for school fees, books, uniforms and other related education activities until grade 12 graduation. Coupled with this a team of Entelect volunteers assist in mentoring and providing additional personalised support throughout the year. The mentorship programmes are typically broken into age category groups and also cover parental support. Themes covered include topics such as mathematics, technology, digital citizenship, IT literacy, career planning, entrepreneurship, financial management and business ethics. Smaller children are involved in educational activities and games that facilitate learning in a fun environment.


Our foundation's primary objective is to facilitate the learning process, spark interest in various subjects and provide personalised one on one support to help our beneficiaries reach their full potential. We are not prescriptive as to the schools our beneficiaries attend, but rather try and facilitate the learning process, provide personal support and prepare learners for our Tertiary Support programme when they leave school.



Our Tertiary Support programme is focused on assisting underprivileged children through their BSc Computer Science or Engineering related university studies. We offer study scholarships to students and in-house training to vacation work students.

In addition, Entelect assists a number of South African universities with software engineering related courses and lectures, and sponsors academic prizes for top students.

Scholarship Support

Entelect Scholarships are open to South African students who:


  • Are studying in a BSc Computer or Engineering sciences discipline in any mainstream university
  • Have a track record of excellence in their studies
  • Come from underprivileged backgrounds and are unable to access finance to support their studies.

To apply for a university scholarship please submit your details and CV here.

Assisting Universities

As part of Entelect's wider corporate social responsibility initiatives, we assist some universities with lecturing workload. For example in 2014 Entelect staff lectured the third year "Software Development II" course to 100+ students at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

We also offer specialist lectures to final year students, graduation academic prizes and course specific rewards at all our partner universities across South Africa.



Our Graduate Support programme is focused on Computer Science or Engineering professionals who have graduated from their studies and are unable to find employment. We offer additional training and financial support to help make these graduates more employable, with a view to hiring them if they successfully complete our programmes.


Applicants must:

  • Have a minimum of university degree in the BSc Computer Sciences or Engineering related disciplines
  • Be unemployed and/or come from difficult social and economic circumstances
  • Demonstrate a passion for the field of software engineering.


Our Graduate Support programme covers a combination of lectures, tutoring and project related work. We have a limited intake here, with lots of demand, so urge applicants to put extra effort into preparing their applications.

To apply for our Graduate Support programme please submit your details and CV here.


Entelect’s social enterprise development initiatives involve the provision of business equity, employment and entrepreneurial support to underprivileged communities. The focus here is to build social impact businesses and where profits are made, these are re-invested back into the business or communities they serve. Our two primary social impact projects are outlined below.

Recruitment Business Investment

Our most recent project involves the donation of a 45% equity stake of our recruitment business “Entelect Placements” to a community development partner, now operating under the name “Invincible People”. This business is operated on the principle of:

  • Strengthening the company as a value added Entelect supplier and assisting the company in acquiring new clients through joint networks
  • Redirecting all company profits into growing the business and supporting our community education programmes.

Disabled Students Design Centre

Entelect sponsors a Graphics Design Centre at the Frances Vorwerg School for the mentally and physically disabled, which includes employing past pupils to mentor students in the Centre. The Design Centre is housed at the school as specialised occupational support is already available, qualified teachers are available to assist where necessary, and students are familiar with the environment. Entelect employs past pupils of the school as mentors, who then supervise children in a hands on learning environment. This is a partnership between the School and Entelect, where Entelect ensures a local teacher is suitably trained to oversee the centre, that mentors are suitably trained and that students get industry relevant projects to help them build their skills. The sponsorship includes teacher training, employing mentors, laboratory computers, design software, website and a new 25-seater prefab design centre which will be completed at the end of 2014.


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